Registered Delegations for Chicago MicroCon
Registered Delegations for Chicago MicroCon
Nation Delegation Size
Ladonia 8
Slabovia 5
Republic of Molossia 5
Westarctica 3
Aerican Empire 3
Pearson Republic 3
Pavlov 2
Beatus Cras 2
The Kingdom of Jamestown 2
Akxcalonia 2
The Republic of Dostykstan 2
Belmoor 2
Democracy of Maristan 2
Pibocip 1
Principality of Aigues-Mortes 1
Kingdom of Fergus 1
Technocratic Republic of Aethodia 1
Micronational Olympic Federation 1
The Republic of Slowjamastan 1
Republic of West Who 1
MicroCon 2023
Welcome to Microcon

The host nations for the 2023 MicroCon are Ladonia (in the US) and Flandrensis with Ladonia (in the EU). Much like the G20, (micro)nations bid to host the next event and the winning bid is selected by a governing committee, the MicroCon Committee. Bids to host the 2025 MicroCon are currently being accepted and you can find more information on the application process here.