About MicroCon 2023 Chicago & Ypres

About MicroCon 2023 Chicago & Ypres

For Micronationalists

MicroCon is a biennial meet-up for micronationalists of all ages from around the world, where they can share knowledge and learn about the various aspects of nation-building.

MicroCon Chicago

MicroCon Chicago (okay, technically Joliet) is scheduled for June 30-July 2, with July 1st being the BIG full day of conference talks, presentations, and the popular MicroCon Gala. Tickets are on sale now…

MicroCon Ypres will be the first MicroCon held outside of the US. Scheduled a little more than a month after the Chicago MicroCon (in case you want to attend both!), Ypres promises to be picturesque and full of history. It’s a perfect setting for a micronational gathering!

I found the 2022 MicroCon to be the best yet. Each one has surpassed the previous ones and I wonder how we can maintain such a record? I would give it 5 stars.

Anastasia Queen of Ruritania

I think MicroCon was an excellent event and a wonderful opportunity to meet up with representatives from micronations from all over the world. I enjoyed it immensely and I look forward to the next MicroCon! I'd give it a 4.5 if pressed for a rating.

Kevin Baugh President, Republic of Molossia

Microcon 2022 was the first that We had attended but it will not be the last. The speakers were outstanding, the table displays were great, the chance to meet so many pre-eminent micronationalists, many of whom I had known only in the virtual sphere for years was worth the trip. 4.5 out of 5 stars. HIM the Empress Consort and I are looking forward, with eager anticipation, to Microcon 2023 in Illinois.

HIM the Faithful Pavlovian Emperor Ivan VII May Almighty God Bless His Reign

How was MicroCon 2022 in Vegas?

Each year MicroCon has gotten bigger. The first event had 15 micronations represented and ~30 attendees, the most recent event in Las Vegas had 29 micronations represented and 100 attendees, despite some COVID restrictions still being in place.

MicroCon 2023
Welcome to Microcon

The host nations for the 2023 MicroCon are Ladonia (in the US) and Flandrensis with Ladonia (in the EU). Much like the G20, (micro)nations bid to host the next event and the winning bid is selected by a governing committee, the MicroCon Committee. Bids to host the 2025 MicroCon are currently being accepted and you can find more information on the application process here.