Ivan VII Aleksandrovytch

Emperor of Pavlov, Member of the Microcon 2023 Chicago Organizing Committee. Living in and working from Shoreline, WA USA

His Imperial Majesty Ivan VII Aleksandrovych, is an American Micronationalist and Head of State of the Empire of Pavlov an Kievan Rus and Byzantine influenced micronation founded by Deniz Bekbulatovich in 2012 based in the Netherlands, Ukraine and Turkey. HIM also holds titles form the Royal Republic of Ladonia (Duke of Southmoor), Grandy Duchy of Westarctica (Baron of Forrester), Principality of Kaharagia (Baron White). His Imperial Majesty has also served as Head of State of the House of the Dragon (1985-2022) as Duke of Ozenne, the Kingdom of Hannover (2014-2016) as King Erik I; and the Kingdom of Dor-Amarth (2016-2022) as King Erik I. His Imperial Majesty is an authority on Royal and Diplomatic Etiquette and Protocol, and Heraldry.

Position: Emperor, Empire of Pavlov
26. July 2019. Design Today
27. July 2019. Now and Tomorrow
29. July 2019. Life without Design

Seassions by Michelle Scott

23. Feb 2019.

Conference Room 3 from 12h to 15h

24. Feb 2019.

Conference Room 3 from 12h to 15h

25. Feb 2019.

Conference Room 3 from 12h to 15h

26. Feb 2019.

Conference Room 3 from 12h to 15h

MicroCon 2023
Welcome to Microcon

The host nations for the 2023 MicroCon are Ladonia (in the US) and Flandrensis with Ladonia (in the EU). Much like the G20, (micro)nations bid to host the next event and the winning bid is selected by a governing committee, the MicroCon Committee. Bids to host the 2025 MicroCon are currently being accepted and you can find more information on the application process here.